MEMOFIX™ Threaded Titanium Anchors


  • Self-tapping and self-drilling 2mm & 3mm 
  • Sterile, ready-to-use with no need for any power tools 
  • For upper and lower extremity procedures 

MEMOFIX™ anchors are designed for ligament or tendon reinsertion.

  • Self-tapping and self-drilling 2mm & 3mm 
  • Sterile, ready-to-use with no need for any power tools 
  • For upper and lower extremity procedures
  • Out-of-the-box, implants are pre-assembled on the introducer with sutures and crimped needles. 


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    Conical Threading

    Self-Tapping and Self-Drilling

    Easy Repositioning

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Plan the position of the anchor near the soft tissues being reattached.  
    • For an effective hold, the anchor must cross one bone cortex (monocortical hold).  
    • MEMOFIX™ anchors are self-drilling and self-tapping, however, pre-drilling may be necessary to insert the MN5 anchor into a hard cortical bone with a drill Ø2.5mm. 

    For more information on using the MEMOFIXthreaded titanium anchors, download the full surgical brochure which includes the surgical technique, removal and components of the MEMOFIX™ system.  

    MEMOFIX™ anchors are designed to reattach soft tissue and are surgically implanted into the bone to provide a secure attachment point for the end of a ligament or tendon to be reattached to the bone after an injury or surgery.  

    Ligament or tendon reinsertion is a surgical procedure involving the reattachment of a torn or damaged ligament or tendon back to its original attachment site on bone.  

    Ligaments are tough bands of connective tissue that connect bones to other bones, while tendons connect muscles to bones. When these tissues are injured or torn, they can be surgically reattached to the bone using suture anchors or other devices such as the MEMOFIX™. 

    Common causes of ligament or tendon damage include: 

    • Trauma injury, such as a fall 
    • Sports-related injury 
    • Overuse of the ligaments or tendons
    • Degenerative conditions including arthritis 
    • Complications from previous surgeries 

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