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Bespoke Instrumentation

In line with LEDA’s company philosophy, we have partnered with a bespoke instrument manufacturer in the UK – Surgical Holdings – to be able to offer you: the surgeon, clinician or operating department practitioner, high-quality surgical instrumentation for a variety of procedures. In particular, we have instruments to back up our reputation as a specialist elbow company. The range offers you the opportunity to make improvements to, or design from scratch, the instrumentation you require to do your job. We can modify existing retractors to better suit your needs, or work with you from the start of a project to help make your vision an orthopaedic reality. Choose LEDA as your UK orthopaedic distributor and we’ll give you the products you need! 

Unique design elements  

Surgical Holdings’ DUO surface finish is applied across their range of theatre surgery instruments. This process removes any marks and imperfections on the back half of the instrument, reducing in-theatre glare. Meanwhile, the working end undergoes bright polishing for further practicality. This includes greater corrosion resistance, reduced protein adherence, and allows for enhanced cleaning efficacy. 

 The instrument designs can also feature exclusive coatings. These can be applied for identification, reducing protein adhesion, enhancing performance and hardness, and for cleaning efficacy. 

Examples of Instrumentation 

With us, you can expect finely crafted foot and hand surgery instruments, surgical instrument repair services, and tools for preoperative preparations.

Instrumentation materials 

At LEDA, we understand the importance of quality instrumentation in delivering good patient experiences. We partnered with Surgical Holdings because they do too. They ensure all instrumentation is manufactured in accordance with the British Stainless Steel Association standards for surgical instruments (BS 5194). As such, every instrument you order from us is fit to perform the purpose they’re designed for. This is also thanks to the instruments having the correct composition. 

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    Surgical Holdings are an expert UK orthopaedic distributor, supplier of surgical instruments, and specialist products to the NHS and global private sector organisations. They are both ISO 13485 and CE Mark accredited. Surgical Holdings is aware of the role surgical instruments play in saving lives and as such, they’re passionate about providing the highest quality products and repairs. To this end, their technicians are highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced in quality control. The company engages in regular refinement and innovation practices to ensure the Surgical Holdings product range continues to deliver the highest standard of patient care possible. 

    Surgical Holdings possesses more than 30 years’ experience over four generations, having been founded in 1988. The foundation of their approach goes back further, being based on George Poole’s 1910 fine-crafted surgical instruments business. The company values are education, transparency, family, passion, and resourcefulness.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    LEDA is a comprehensive UK orthopaedic distributor and as such, we provide instruments that cover the three main types – grasping, cutting, and retracting. 

    Surgical instruments are made from stainless steel largely due to its resistance to corrosion and wear. However, compounds heavy in chlorine can cause surface damage to surgical instruments. Many healthcare facilities will regularly treat instruments with saline solutions to mitigate this. 

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