Ortholove® OrthoFoam SRE

Designed by leading orthopaedic surgeons

The Ortholove® OrthoFoam elevators are a potent way to aid postoperative recovery. They help reduce postoperative swelling while relieving pressure on the legs, knees, hips and lower back. Reduced swelling is major factor in enhancing recovery, avoiding complications, and a shorter recovery time. To maximise efficiency and comfort, OrthoFoam elevators are available in a range of sizes. 

These products can be used in a range of lower extremity procedures. Some examples include internal fixation or open reduction of the forefoot, midfoot, ankle or tibia in the event of a fracture.

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    The Ortholove range contains various products that surgeons can use to help their patients. In each case, the sloping end should be positioned facing towards the patient. Ortholove’s products include the following:

    OrthoFoam Swelling Reduction Elevator (SRE) – Optimal Recovery 

    This foam elevator uses an ergonomic design to ensure patient comfort, with stable elevation at heart level and without strain on the knee or hip. It’s indicated following cases of foot and ankle surgery, for application in theatre, on the recovery ward or even preoperatively for trauma cases. The SRE ensures reduction of swelling by allowing for knee flexion with its tapered end and gradual incline. A HomeFoam version of the Professional Series SRE is available. This product allows patients to experience a seamless recovery, with support that continues after leaving hospital.

    OrthoFoam Foot Holder – Stable Positioning

    Indicated for use in surgery for foot and ankle procedures, from trauma to total ankle replacements. This product gives free movement to the heel, thus removing the need to use upside down kidney dishes or improvised elevators. The carefully shaped cut-out that runs along the product improves patient experience. This is because it achieves a reduction of pressure on the Achilles or calf during surgery. The OrthoFoam Foot Holder is also sturdy, meaning the patient’s foot will stay elevated for the desired amount of time. Foot holders and footrests are commonly seen in office spaces due the long periods of time workers spent seated. They help prevent the adverse long-term effects of stress being applied to ankles, feet, knees and thighs. A foot holder will help distribute weight through posture alignment. This can also reduce back strain by allowing workers and patients to change positions easily.

    OrthoFoam Adult Ramp Elevator

    This product is similar to the OrthoFoam SRE, except it’s slightly longer and doesn’t feature any tapering. It also features a less concave top surface. As such, it’s indicated for all surgical cases where elevation is necessary without offloading the heel. The OrthoFoam Adult Ramp Elevator is frequently used as a leg elevator in trauma cases to enable easy x-ray control. The main benefit is that the adult ramp elevator lets surgeons achieve accurate leg positioning. The ergonomic design, with slight concavity, ensures stable support of the limb without too much pressure on the calf. This ensures increased patient comfort over long periods of use.

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    Ortholove® HomeFoam

    The Ortholove® HomeFoam foam elevators are the perfect solution to reduce postoperative swelling while relieving pressure on the knees, hips and lower back.

    Arthroprep Chisel Set

    The LEDA ArthroPrep arthrodesis preparation chisel set is designed in conjunction with orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists. 

    Ortholove came into being in 2013 due to the efforts of Jon Bloy and David Plane, who were passionate about making a difference through quality products and customer service. The pair had each been involved in the sale of medical devices for years. Through conversations with a posture expert, the pair realised there was a problem with how people were being treated for muscoskeletal pains. Instead of twisting and turning exercises, Ortholove allows for simple patient rehabilitation.   

    Ortholove’s mission is to convert their expertise into tangible products that can benefit patients. 


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