The MedEnvision EsySuit®

Key Features 

  • One minute draping solution
  • Improved efficiency and patient safety
  • Environmentally friendly


Due to the many handlings and involvement of multiple HCPs the decontamination and draping procedure poses a potential risk for desterilisation errors. The risk of these errors occurring decreases because the patient is draped quickly with just one handling. The EsySuit® makes it possible to complete the draping procedure in less than a minute. The amount of draping material is reduced by an average of 60%. 


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    The Gripper is a device that enables the surgeon to have complete control of positioning the retractors, allowing for the free use of other surgical instruments.

    Arthroprep Chisel Set

    The LEDA ArthroPrep arthrodesis preparation chisel set is designed in conjunction with orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists.

    MedEnvision is a company with the goal of improving hospital efficiency worldwide. To achieve this, they have created a range of products, such as their surgical gripper. In the pursuit of making OR processes simpler and more effective, MedEnvision follows values based on the five pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These are:  

    • Involving suppliers and partners 
    • Limiting environmental impacts 
    • Ensuring the safety of people and property 
    • Ensuring fair practices 
    • Developing human potential 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ease of use

    The EsySuit® makes standardising the draping procedure possible. Thanks to its unique concept, draping with the EsySuit® is uniform regardless of the composition or experience of the surgical team. 

    Increased safety

    Draping with the EsySuit® is done in one smooth motion. Fewer draping motions reduce less risk of desterilisation errors and laminar flow disruptions. This is furthered by practitioners remaining on the sterile side of the drape during the process. 

    Increased ergonomics

    The EsySuit® design means patient’s legs only need to be elevated for a very short time during draping. This increases comfort for those in the operating room. This is important to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal complaints from staff. 

    Time saving

    You can drape the patient with the EsySuit® in less than a minute. Furthermore, the incision window with transparent foil is integrated, removing the need for cut and paste work.
    *Not with EsySuit Knee 

    Environmentally friendly

    A total of 9.6m² of material is used for the EsySuit®. The amount of waste is drastically reduced, being able to fit within just 1 bin bag. This volume can be up to 3 times as much with conventional draping. Hence the EsySuit makes a positive contribution to both corporate social responsibility and cost management. 

    Improved efficiency

    It is a goal of every hospital to improve the functioning of the operating room without compromising the safety of either the patient or personnel. The EsySuit makes a direct contribution to this goal.  

    Standardisation of the procedure also leads to increases in the quality and speed of OR work. This means using the EsySuit® leads to better cost management for healthcare facilities. 

    Lastly, the product makes a positive contribution to corporate social responsibility by reducing the amount of draping material used by an average of 60%. 

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