Distal Elbow Set


The Distal Elbow Set contains multiple systems, each of which are available to be purchased separately. Included within the set are: 

  • IJS – Elbow: Internal Joint Stabiliser 
  • ALIGN – Radial Head Replacement 
  • PUP – Proximal Ulna Plate
  • PROTEAN – Coronoid & Radial Head Plates 
  • REDUCT – Headless Compression Screws 

Distal Elbow Set

Function of the Distal Elbow Set

The Distal Elbow set is an all-encompassing solution for distal elbow fractures and dislocations. As such, its systems can be used to support a range of upper arm surgeries through internal fixation, fracture reduction, and joint stabilisation. With the Distal Elbow set, practitioners can subsequently treat patients exhibiting varying degrees of elbow trauma. 

Interested in a Distal Elbow Set?

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Interested in the Distal Elbow Set?

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    IJS Elbow

    Stabilises the elbow joint and allows for active mobilisation and functionality. Effective at treating chronic elbow dislocation and restoring a range of motion.

    ALIGN Radial head Replacement

    Customised monoblock fits patient anatomy. Long, press-fit design and side-loading heading options produce excellent clinical results. Grants patients’ rotational stability and improved range of movement.

    REDUCT Headless Compression Screw System

    Provides precise final compression solutions with controlled translation and accurate screw advancement.

    Proximal Ulna Plate

    Fix proximal olecranon fractures with plates that have a deepened central concavity. Comes with fascial and triceps suture points, along with single home run tabs.

    PROTEAN Fragment Plates

    For use in bone fragment fixation and stabilisation in fresh fractures, revision procedures, joint fusions, and joint reconstructions. System can have application in patients with osteopenic bones.

    This streamlined system is part of Skeletal Dynamics' complete solution for elbow trauma that also includes:

    Humeral Fixation Set

    The Humeral Fixation Set is designed for the fixation of fractures, peri-prosthetic fractures, non-unions and malunions. It can have applications in most adult patients, including those with osteopenic bones.

    Fragment Specific Plates 

    The Geminus range of fragment-specific plates works to repair fractures of the intermediate and radial columns in complex cases where surgery is required 
    Skeletal Dynamics

    Founded in 2007 by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, Skeletal Dynamics set out to provide innovative, science-based solutions to solve and understand the clinical challenges of upper extremity surgery and unmet clinical needs. Skeletal Dynamics is the only medical device company that is 100% solely focused on the upper extremities. Distributors of Skeletal Dynamics are selected based on individual integrity, industry experience and clinical knowledge and LEDA is proud to be the leading distributor in the UK for Skeletal Dynamic products including: 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Not always. Severe radial head fractures can cause damage to interosseous ligaments, which can affect wrist movement. Usually, a radial head fracture will cause pain associated with elbow and forearm movements. This may be accompanied by swelling of the elbow joint, as well as difficulty straightening or bending. 

    Elbow dislocation is the result of the radius and the ulna moving out of place and becoming separated from the humerus. In cases of extreme elbow trauma, this results in complete dislocation. This is where the joint surfaces of the elbow are completely separated. Partial elbow dislocation can cause disruption to elbow ligaments and forearm bones, resulting in elbow instability.  

    Chronic elbow dislocation refers to elbow dislocation that has not improved and has remained dislocated over an extended period of time (3 weeks or more). Any natural changes to bones and soft-tissue that occur during this time can prevent a successful closed reduction. 

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