GEMINUS® Distal Radius Volar Plate


  • Dual head design protects flexor tendons
  • Screw options for optimal subchondral support
  • Unique hook plate extension for fixation of volar marginal fragments

Distal Radius Volar Plate

Pioneered by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, volar plating has dramatically reshaped the treatment of distal radius fractures. In complex cases where surgery is required, the Geminus anatomically contoured plate can be fixed to the volar surface of the bone, its dual-head design reducing the chances of tendons rupturing. Patients benefit from almost immediate mobility with the innovative fixation options of the plate securing the bone fragments and providing stabilisation. 

The Geminus volar plate combines an innovative plate profile with anatomic head geometrics to minimise tendon ruptures. Each head on the plating system is designed to support the anatomy of the wrist and provides options for a hook-plate extension where required. Its distal fixation method uses smooth pegs, as well as screws with high-compression and cannulated polyaxial locking options. 

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    Distal Radius Volar Plate

    GEMINUS® Distal Radius Volar Plate has a Dual head design which protects flexor tendons by providing the lowest profile at the watershed line, with screw trajectories designed to provide optimal subchondral support

    Hook Plate

    Hook plate option allows extending fixation to secure volar marginal fragments

    FREEFIX® technology

    FREEFIX® technology allows the fracture to dictate screw placement

    Easy Insertion and Positioning

    Both compression and locking screws can be inserted in any position in FreeFix® slots

    This pioneering system from Skeletal Dynamics is part of the Geminus range that also includes 

    Dorsal Spanning Plate 

    The Geminus dorsal spanning plate is specifically engineered to support dorsally displaced and comminute fractures of the distal radius 

    Fragment Specific Plates 

    The Geminus range of fragment-specific plates works to repair fractures of the intermediate and radial columns in complex cases where surgery is required 
    Skeletal Dynamics

    Founded in 2007 by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, Skeletal Dynamics set out to provide innovative, science-based solutions to solve and understand the clinical challenges of upper extremity surgery and unmet clinical needs. Skeletal Dynamics is the only medical device company that is 100% solely focused on the upper extremities. Distributors of Skeletal Dynamics are selected based on individual integrity, industry experience and clinical knowledge and LEDA is proud to be the leading distributor in the UK for Skeletal Dynamic products including: 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Titanium allows plates, washers and screws 
    • Cannulated polyaxial locking screws 
    • GEMINUS® Volar Plates are available in various sizes 
    • Hook plate extension included to support a volar marginal fragment 

    Colles Fracture 

    The cause of a Colles fracture is usually from direct impact to the hand such as a fall on an outstretched hand where a ‘knock’ to the wrist results in a break to the distal radius. 

    Smith Fracture 

    Compared to a Colles fracture, a Smith fracture is less common and is not the result of direct contact to the palm of the hand but direct contact to the back of the wrist. Smith fractures occur when severe impact, such as falling on a bent wrist, causes the distal radius to shift down to the palm. 

    Intra-Articular Fracture 

    Intra-articular fractures refer to fractures that affect the wrist joint in which the break crosses into the surface of the joint. Due to multiple bones being involved in the fracture, they can typically be more complicated to treat. 

    Extra Articular Fracture 

    Extra-articular fractures are a form of wrist fracture that affects the wrist joint. Unlike an intra-articular fracture, an extra-articular fracture does extend into the joint. 

    Comminuted Fracture  

    Comminuted fractures typically occur when the distal radius suffers multiple breaks and can affect anyone, usually a result of a serious injury or accident such as a car accident. 

    Open Fracture 

    Open fractures usually require immediate medical attention due to the fracture being exposed through the skin and the soft tissue. 

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