PROTEAN® Fragment Plates


  • Bend and contour plates in 3 planes in-situ
  • Low-profile locking plate for coronoid fractures 
  • Radial head locking plate extends with fixation options for radial neck

The PROTEAN® Fragment Plating System

This system is intended for bone fragment fixation and stabilization in fresh fractures, revision procedures, joint fusions, and joint reconstructions. The plate implant prevents movement around the fracture site and shields it from stress to allow for healing. It therefore has applications in patients with osteopenic bones. Surgeons can use the PROTEAN® Fragment Plate System in the following bone areas – foot, ankle, toe, hand, wrist, finger, humerus, scapula, pelvis. 

The PROTEAN® Radial Head Plate Module consists of: 

  • Titanium alloy plates (right and left) 
  • Locking screws and non-locking screws (provided in lengths from 12mm – 40mm, with increments of 2mm) 
  • Cobalt Chrome polyaxial screws 
  • Specialised instrumentation 
  • Stainless steel K-wires for provisional fixation 

Plates and other system contents are available in various configurations. This allows the system to be anatomically tailored to the patient. For example, a radial head plate would fit snugly over the bone return it to its original pre-fracture dimensions. The flexibility of the PROTEAN® Fragment Plates means they can also help solve complex fractures. 


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    Vertical Plane

    30º Per Node

    Horizontal Plane

    5º Per Node

    Traverse Plane

    45º Per Node

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The PROTEAN® Fragment Plate System is provided non-sterile. Therefore, upon reception of the system it should be sterilized using steam. With a pre-vacuum autoclave cycle, this can be done at 132ºC for 4 minutes. A gravity autoclave cycle will achieve sterilization in 15 minutes at the same temperature. In both cases, be sure to wrap the system and then allow for 20 minutes drying time. 

    • Compression plate – for use in fractures like wrist fractures to bring bones together.  
    • Neutralization plate – designed to protect the surface of fractures from regular rotation, bending and axial loading forces. 
    • Buttress plate – for use as unstable bone support. They commonly see use in the distal radius. 

    Radial head plate surgery carries risks associated with general wrist surgery. This includes infection, nonunion, persistent pain, finger stiffness, implant migration or loosening. However, risk will be substantially reduced as long as the system undergoes proper sterilization. Additionally, the surgeon must be experienced with the system and aware of its contraindications. 

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