Proximal Ulna Plate


  • Specialised instrumentation
  • Deepened Central Concavity 
  • Single Home Run Tabs 

Proximal Ulna Plate

The Proximal Ulna Plate is designed to fix proximal olecranon fractures effectively. It also helps prevent the avulsion of the triceps insertion. The Proximal Ulna Plating System contains the following: 

  • CoCr cannulated polyaxial locking screws (3.0mm diameter) 
  • Titanium alloy Proximal Ulna Plates (73mm, 108mm, 151mm, left and right) 
  • K-wires for taking measurements 

Instrumentation the Proximal Ulna Plate system is designed for fracture fusion, fixation, osteotomies, and instances of non-union between the radius and ulna. Screws are available in both locking and non-locking configurations to aid plate fixation. 

Skeletal Dynamics Distal Elbow Set 

LEDA offers a range of systems for patients experiencing upper extremity trauma in the form of the Skeletal Dynamics Distal Elbow Set. The distal elbow set consists of the following systems: 

  • Distal Elbow Plating System: Proximal Ulna Plating and PROTEAN Elbow Plating Systems 
  • REDUCT Headless Compression Screw System 
  • ALIGN Radial Head System 
  • Internal Joint Stabilizer – Elbow System 


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    Suture anchor points incorporate triceps for added stability


    Alternate construct with multiple horizontal proximal screws

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    IJS Elbow

    The IJS-E System is part of Skeletal Dynamics’ distal elbow set, which allows for active mobilisation and functionality of the elbow.

    ALIGN Radial Head Replacement

    Replacement of the radial head for degenerative or post-traumatic disabilities presenting pain, crepitation, and decreased motion at the radio-humeral and/or proximal radioulnar joint.
    Skeletal Dynamics

    Founded in 2007 by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, Skeletal Dynamics set out to provide innovative, science-based solutions to solve and understand the clinical challenges of upper extremity surgery and unmet clinical needs. Skeletal Dynamics is the only medical device company that is 100% solely focused on the upper extremities. Distributors of Skeletal Dynamics are selected based on individual integrity, industry experience and clinical knowledge and LEDA is proud to be the leading UK orthopaedic distributor for Skeletal Dynamic products including:  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ulna fractures typically occur due to elbow trauma injury. The most common example is when a fall onto an outstretched hand causes force to be put on the elbow joint. Due to the bones’ proximity, ulna fractures will sometimes be present alongside distal radius fractures. 

    A finite element analysis study shows bone strength recovering after 3-6 months, with a full recovery likely after 6 months. However, factors like bone atrophy may influence this timeframe. As such, patients should be told about the risks of refracture. 

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