WBCT Mobile Imaging


  • Sessional access to WBCT
  • Helps reduce waiting lists
  • Arm holds for patient support 
  • Self-contained scanning units 
  • Flexible scheduling

About WBCT Mobile Imaging

A risk-free way to trial better technology

We provide mobile Conebeam CT services to both NHS and independent hospitals. The mobile service lets you trial the technology and its benefits at your hospital on a sessional basis. This keeps costs down while your patients and clinicians still benefit, and you and your team can evaluate the case for purchasing your own scanner.

Minimal set-up required:

  • Compact mobile scanning units are set up in a parking area or on an existing MRI/CT scanning bay
  • Mobile units only need access to simple 13 amp/16 amp sockets and connection to your PACS system
  • You have the flexibility to increase/decrease the number of scanning days per month as required

What you’ll get:

  • Experienced CT radiographers to reduce pressure on your radiology departments
  • Scans pushed directly to your hospital PACS system
  • A rapid reduction in your backlog of orthopaedic CT scans and weight-bearing X-rays
  • Quicker turnaround times and a safer scan experience for your patients
  • Detailed low-radiation, 3D scan results and more information for your clinicians

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    InReach is an advanced CT imaging product from CurveBeam AI. It offers point-of-care extremity CT imaging for the upper extremities and non-weight bearing lower extremities.

    The Standing CT Company is a healthcare supplier committed to improving patient experiences through the provision of industry-leading technology. Their primary focus in on accurate 3D imaging of the lower and upper extremities for use by orthopaedic clinicians, as well as the core values of ethics and sustainability. The Standing CT Company partners with other experts to deliver these quality services, namely CurveBeam AI.

    CurveBeam AI offers proprietary tools for hospitals to improve patient outcomes. The company combines market leading point-of-care diagnostic cone beam CT imaging solutions, with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning AI (DLAI) expertise. This allows CurveBeam AI to deliver fragility fracture prevention solutions for bone health across many areas of orthopaedics. Weight bearing CT imaging is a core focus for the business, alongside building complementary AI tools that allow solutions to bridge disease care. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Standing CT offers mobile scanning on a sessional basis, giving rapid access to our technology and allowing you, your team and your patients to trial it before deciding on a longer-term commitment.

    We work with you to determine your requirements based on your current X-ray and CT volumes and can tailor one or more sessions to your needs. Fees are arranged as a day rate so you don’t have to incur any capital costs. If you’re looking to purchase a scanner, we work with you to build the business case for a capital purchase.

    Within the NHS, CBCT scans are often treated as X-rays and are self-reported by the referring clinician. This is a decision for your radiology department. For the independent sector, we have a panel of musculoskeletal radiologists with significant experience of using weight-bearing CT in the clinical environment. We can provide reporting or, if preferred, your current MSK radiologists can report the scans. We can also provide training for your radiologists to enable them to gain experience from our team of UK based radiologists.

    Our mobile unit is significantly smaller than mobile MRI or CT trailers. We have two mobile designs 1.)  A 3.5 tonne van which measures 6.3m (l) x 2.3m (w) x 3.3m (h) – this is similar in size to a supermarket home delivery van. 2.) a 3.5 tonne trailer which measures 6.9m (l) x 2.5m (w) x 3.2m (h) – this is slightly larger in size than a supermarket home delivery van.

    As the unit is small and manoeuvrable we do not need a pad. Our only requirement is that the parking area is level and easily accessible. We can easily use an existing CT/MRI pad if available provided there is a power (13/16 Amp) and PACS connection.

    Yes – ideally, we run off mains power from a 13- or 16-amp socket. If necessary, we can run from the mobile unit’s on-board battery pack for a short period of time.

    Yes, we need a connection to your PACS system/internet from a hospital data port.

    There are a number of options available:

    • We can directly link the scanner to your PACS
    • Our cloud based PACS can transfer images via a DICOM interface link
    • We can download the images to a USB stick or disks

    This is entirely up to you. We have a team of experienced radiographers who are available should you wish to commission a staffed service.

    We can also provide an unstaffed service, where your team uses the technology directly. If you commission an unstaffed service, we will provide full training for your radiographers.

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