Skeletal Dynamics

Founded in 2007 by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, Skeletal Dynamics set out to provide innovative, science-based solutions to solve and understand the clinical challenges of upper extremity surgery and unmet clinical needs.

GEMINUS® Distal Radius Volar Plate

Pioneered by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, volar plating has dramatically reshaped the treatment of distal radius fractures.

The Dorsal Spanning

The Geminus dorsal spanning plate is specifically engineered to support dorsally displaced and comminuted fractures of the distal radius.

PROTEAN® Fragment Specific Plates

The Geminus range of fragment-specific plates works to repair fractures of the intermediate and radial columns in complex cases where surgery is required.

USP – Ulna Shortening Plating

Ulna shortening typically happens with the help of a hand plating system, as it’s a method for treating wrist pain.

IMPLATE – Wrist Arthrodesis Nail

Minimally invasive fusion nail provides a strong, stable construct tailored to the functional needs of the patient.

WFS – Wrist & Forearm Plating

The system contains bone plates designed for the repair of midshaft fractures in the ulna and radius. It can also be used to treat fusions and osteotomies.

ASC – DIP Arthrodesis Screws

Skeletal Dynamics’ arthrodesis screw system is designed for the fixation of osseous fragments and fractures, osteotomies, and arthrodesis of small joints.

THN - Threaded Hand Nails

The Threaded Hand Nail System from Skeletal Dynamics is intended for the internal fixation of hand fractures, osseous fragments, osteotomies, and arthrodesis of small joints in the hand.

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