Skeletal Dynamics

Founded in 2007 by Dr Jorge Orbay, MD, Skeletal Dynamics set out to provide innovative, science-based solutions to solve and understand the clinical challenges of upper extremity surgery and unmet clinical needs.

Distal Elbow Set

The Distal Elbow set is an all-encompassing solution for distal elbow fractures and dislocations. As such, its systems can be used to support a range of upper arm surgeries through internal fixation, fracture reduction, and joint stabilisation. With the Distal Elbow set, practitioners can subsequently treat patients exhibiting varying degrees of elbow trauma.

IJS – Elbow: Internal Joint Stabiliser

The IJS®-Elbow System is part of Skeletal Dynamics’ distal elbow set, which allows for active mobilisation and functionality of the elbow. The IJS® provides temporary stabilisation of the elbow joint after elbow trauma injuries, or other events that result in chronic elbow dislocation.

ALIGN® Radial Head Replacement

The ALIGN® Radial Head System and accessories are designed specifically for replacement of the radial head for degenerative or post-traumatic disabilities presenting pain, crepitation, and decreased motion at the radio-humeral and/or proximal radioulnar joint

Proximal Ulna

The Proximal Ulna Plate is designed to fix proximal olecranon fractures effectively. It also helps prevent the avulsion of the triceps insertion.

Fragment Plates

This system is intended for bone fragment fixation and stabilization in fresh fractures, revision procedures, joint fusions, and joint reconstructions. The plate implant prevents movement around the fracture site and shields it from stress to allow for healing.

REDUCT® Headless Compression Screw System

The REDUCT® headless compression screw system is intended for fixation of osseous fragments or fractures, arthrodesis of small joints, and osteotomies. Screws are sized appropriate to patient anatomy and the treatment type.

Humeral Fixation

The Humeral Fixation Set is designed for the fixation of fractures, peri-prosthetic fractures, non-unions and malunions. It can have applications in most adult patients, including those with osteopenic bones.

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