Initial C™ Kits from Newclip Technics


  • User-friendly sterile packed system
  • Comprehensive range of plating options for clavicle fractures
  • All-in-one kit ready when you are

The implants of the Initial C™ are dedicated to the fixation of fractures, mal-union, non-unions, and osteotomies of the clavicle in adults. These kits provide surgeons with the cutting-edge components and instrumentation needed to improve patient quality of life. 

Clavicle plate fixation can treat clavicle fractures far quicker than nonoperative methods. Stabilization of the fracture site allows bone union to occur at a higher rate, while also reducing functional recovery time.  


Initial is a cost-effective solution. The additional costs involved in standard kits, such as cleaning, decontamination, sterilization, and handling expenses, are reduced.

Buying procedure

Purchasing Initial eliminates additional costs: restocking and orders are simplified, stock management is optimized.


The combination of sterile implants and single-use instrumentation removes contamination risks once and for all.


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    Technical features of the Initial C kits

    • Cambered area adapts to bone anatomy
    • In option: replacement kits, removal kits, templates
    • Guaranteed traceability
    • Bending zones for further adaptability
    • Monoaxial and polyaxial locking systems (+/- 10º angular range)
    • Comprehensive implant range

    Initial C kits contain a range of implants and instrumentation designed for the treatment of clavicle fractures. These kits contain a range of system designs and components to address fractures across the clavicle. For example, the midshaft lateral plate is for use in middle-third clavicle fractures that are positioned at the level of the coracoclavicular ligament.

    Aspects of certain kit systems follow a flexible design to adhere to a range of patient anatomy. Bendable plates can be adjusted for optimal fixation using bending pliers. Due to material choices, this process will not compromise plate integrity.

    There are a total of 16 different Initial C kits available to meet a range of surgical requirements. These are separated into categories based on the type of plates provided. The Lateral Plates approach kits (4) includes the following:

    • Lateral plates – left and right configurations, each in two sizes
    • Bendable lateral plates – left and right configurations
    • Ø2.8mm locking screws – lengths range from 10-18mm with 2mm intervals
    • Ø3.5mm locking screws – lengths range from 12-18mm with 2mm intervals
    • Ø3.5mm standard cortical screws – lengths range of 12-18mm with 2mm intervals
    • Specialized instrumentation – T15 prehensor screwdriver, Ø2.7mm quick coupling drill bit, threaded guide gauges for Ø3.5mm and Ø2.8mm screws

    The Lateral Midshaft Plates approach kits (6) include:

    • Lateral midshaft plates – left and right configurations, each in two sizes
    • Ø3.5mm locking and non-locking screws – length ranges as above.
    • Specialized instrumentation

    The Midshaft Plates approach kits (6) include:

    • Midshaft plates – left and right configurations
    • Bendable midshaft plates – left and right configurations, each in two sizes
    • Ø3.5mm locking and non-locking screws – length ranges as above.
    • Specialized instrumentation

    It should be noted that the quantity of certain components and instrumentation will vary between Initial C kits. For instance, the KIT-CL2D/G contains one more Ø3.5mm locking screw than the KIT-CL1D/G. Additional sterile screws can be ordered separated in Supplemental Sterile Screw Caddy. Bendable plates are also available on demand. These components may be supplied nonsterile, in which case the healthcare facility must sterilize them with steam sterilization.


    The Initial kits come pre-sterilized and ready to use. Most other systems will need to be sterilized at a healthcare facility, which can take up valuable time. The combination of sterile implants and single-use instrumentation in one single package makes Initial ideal for use in urgent surgical cases.


    The Initial kits are fully traceable and have a shelf life of 5 years. Their instrumentation and implants are always “fresh out of the box” and have never been opened or used before. Although best practice should still be followed in checking system components for damage or defectiveness.


    Initial kits can be easily stored in the operating room because of their small size.

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    Newclip Technics

    Newclip Technics are a CE certified osteosynthesis solutions company that operates worldwide. The company’s vision has been to use innovative technologies to restore patient mobility. As such, for more than 20 years they have been developing and designing systems for repairing bone fractures and preserving joints through fixation. They wanted to optimise the management of osteosynthesis procedures, which is how their ‘Initial Solutions’ series was born. Today, Newclip Technics offers solutions for the clavicle, hand, wrist, knee, foot and ankle.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    LEDA Orthopaedics are able to dispatch NewClip Technics’ Initial C clavicle system same- or next-day for immediate use in trauma surgery procedures. No need to sterilise instrumentation and all implants fully sterile and traceable, in the box.

    Minor clavicle fractures have common complications associated with abnormal bone healing. This can result in bone shortening, angulation and/or a noticeably poor cosmetic appearance. Oftentimes, non-operative treatment will be sufficient to ensure the clavicle heals correctly. 

    Severe clavicle fractures on the other hand, pose a much greater risk to patients. Breakages can cause extreme pain and inhibit arm movement. A clavicle plate is then necessary, in conjunction with a sling, to prevent movement, restore union and allow for natural healing. 

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