The MedEnvision Professional Gripper® System

Key Features 

  • The assistant in a box 
  • Hold and control your retractors
  • Improved efficiency and visibility 

MedEnvision Gripper®

The Gripper is a device that enables the surgeon to have complete control of positioning the retractors, allowing for the free use of other surgical instruments. This foregoes the need for help from an assistant. 

This benefits hospitals with staffing issues, as it allows the assistant to help the surgeon in other aspects of the surgery. A surgical gripper is therefore an ideal tool to aid in training, as the assistant can fully visualise what the surgeon is doing, rather than being limited to merely the holding the retractors. 


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    MedEnvision is a company with the goal of improving hospital efficiency worldwide. To achieve this, they have created a range of products, such as their surgical gripper. In the pursuit of making OR processes simpler and more effective, MedEnvision follows values based on the five pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These are:  

    • Involving suppliers and partners
    • Limiting environmental impacts 
    • Ensuring the safety of people and property 
    • Ensuring fair practices 
    • Developing human potential 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Improved safety 

    The Gripper® makes it possible for surgeons to operate with fewer people in the operating room. This makes sterilisation issues less likely due to fewer handlings. 

    Optimal visibility 

    The Gripper® ensures accurate and stable placement of the retractor. This means the surgeon always has an optimal view of the surgical area. 

    Increased stability 

    The surgeon places the Gripper® with the correct pressure so that the retractor can be positioned accurately and stable. The Gripper® remains stable in its position even under the most demanding circumstances. 

    Better tissue preservation 

    There is a smaller risk of damage because it is the surgeon who determines the pressure on the bone and soft tissue. The retractor is then able to follow the movements dynamically during the operation, which leads to a reduced cutting effect on the soft tissue. During a fluoroscopy the retractor does not need to be put in and removed from the wound, which also means less damage to the soft tissue. 

    Improved efficiency 

    A surgical gripper like this greatly improves the ergonomics for the surgeon and the personnel in the OR. The surgeon can focus 100% on the patient during the operation without the distraction of others which decreases the risk for complications. Using the Gripper® gives the surgeon more control over the procedure and makes it possible to repeat the process. The standardisation that results from using the Gripper® leads thus to better cost management. 

    The Gripper® surgical gripper helps the hospital improve the working of the OR without compromising the safety of patients or personnel. 

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