Arthroprep Chisel Set


  • Designed with orthopaedic specialists
  • Ergonomic and cost-effective 
  • Prepare joint surfaces for successful fusion 
  • Anti-glare properties 

Arthroprep Chisel Set 

The LEDA ArthroPrep arthrodesis preparation chisel set is designed in conjunction with orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists. With the hand surgery instruments provided in this set, you’ll be able to prepare your patients’ joint surfaces for successful fusion, whether you are addressing the MTPJ, TMTJs or the ankle or subtalar joints of the hindfoot. The chisels are sharp, ergonomic, and cost-effective, either as an outright purchase or via our LEDA loan kit service.  

Set Contents 

The LEDA ArthroPrep chisel set contains the following components: 

  • Small Stille Type Mallet – 180mm long ultra-fine mallet weighing 180g total. Single nylon head fitted with a blue acetal handle (180GR). 
  • Mini Fine Hand Osteotomes – blue acetal handle, 165mm long and a range of widths (2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm). 
  • Instruments supplied in a bespoke fixation din basket (480mm x 250mm x 50mm) and mounted in a medical grade plastic runner. The latter prevents damage during transport and washing. 

The chisel set utilises Surgical Holdings’ DUO surface finish. The combination of these two surface finishes allows the instruments to maintain anti-glare qualities under theatre lights, while also maximising cleaning efficacy. 

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    Surgical Holdings are an expert UK orthopaedic distributor, supplier of surgical instruments, and specialist products to the NHS and global private sector organisations. They are both ISO 13485 and CE Mark accredited. Surgical Holdings is aware of the role surgical instruments play in saving lives and as such, they’re passionate about providing the highest quality products and repairs. To this end, their technicians are highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced in quality control. The company engages in regular refinement and innovation practices to ensure the Surgical Holdings product range continues to deliver the highest standard of patient care possible. 

    Surgical Holdings possesses more than 30 years’ experience over four generations, having been founded in 1988. The foundation of their approach goes back further, being based on George Poole’s 1910 fine-crafted surgical instruments business. The company values are education, transparency, family, passion, and resourcefulness.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All surgical instruments must be cleaned and sterilised between uses. This is both to maintain long-term functionality and ensure safety. For example, the basket the LEDA ArthroPrep chisel set comes in is washable. It can therefore be used for sterilisation techniques like steam sterilisation. 

    Consider which materials are used and the instrumentation design, in relation to patient experience. As a UK orthopaedic distributor, this is something we at LEDA always check. It can also be beneficial to look for evidence of testing. Surgical Holdings is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited company who has compliance to manufacture an

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