eXo Elbow Splint


  • Single piece design for strength 
  • Hook and loop fasteners  
  • Preshaped to fit patient anatomy 

Elbow splinting is widely used by clinicians to aid postoperative recovery in patients following upper arm surgery. The most common example is open fracture and internal reduction procedures of the radius and ulna. An elbow splint is a flexible alternative to plaster casts. 

Benefits of the Jake Design eXo Elbow Splint 

The eXo Elbow protects the elbow in an angle of 70°, which has been determined to be the most comfortable resting angle of the human elbow. This makes it very comfortable to wear. The eXo Elbow is made in one piece, making it extremely strong whilst still allowing for some flexibility. This also decreases the risk of pressure points to the arm. The excellent bending properties allow the splint to be much thinner than a plaster cast, decreasing weight and minimizing stress on the shoulder and neck. The smaller size eXo Eblow Splint weighs just 118 grams and the larger one 195 grams. Both significantly less than a traditional cast.

Timesaving application
The Jake Design splint is ideal for use in emergency rooms and operating theatres to its ease of use. The eXo can be used consultation, wound care, sleeping aid, stretching, or mobilising. Its straps can then be tightened or loosened by the patient as they see fit.

The eXo Elbow Splint is made from material that has a high chemical and bacterial resistance. It is also washable and can be cleaned using everyday soap or detergent. This allows the device to maintain a higher level of hygiene over time compared to other splints.

Aids recovery
The eXo Elbow Splint reduces the need for postoperative pain medication. Patients can easily remove and reapply the splint multiple times over the course of a day to exercise the elbow. It therefore doesn’t restrict patients from completing recommended recover exercises but still protects the elbow joint.

Effective and flexible fixation
The hook and loop fasteners of the eXo Elbow Splint make it simple to adjust. Tightening and loosening is useful for treating swelling and avoiding excessive compression. Splint removal may also be required to change wound dressing or conduct neurovascular exams.

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    The eXo splint has greatly decreased the need for postoperative pain medication whilst maintaining elbow mobility as patients feel more confident to remove the splint multiple times a day to exercise the elbow.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    One of the main uses of elbow splints is to treat joint afflictions, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Elbow splinting also finds application in patients that need postoperative care. It supports the joint during healing, whilst allowing for movement exercises to be carried out. 

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