Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System


  • Stoppa approach for ease of plate insertion 
  • Improved instrumentation for fracture reduction 
  • Screw hole placement options to enable targeting of high-quality bone 

ITS Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System

This third generation system adheres to ITS technology principles by offering pre-contoured plates sporting polyaxial locking capabilities. To account for the complexities associated with pelvic ring fractures and acetabulum fractures, the Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System contains four separate sets: 

  • Small Fragment Plating Set 
  • Large Fragment Plating Set 
  • 8.5mm Cannulated Screw Set 
  • Pelvic Reduction instrumentation 

This enables the system to serve as a comprehensive treatment option for a range of different pelvic fractures. It therefore has applications in open reduction and internal fixation surgeries. 

Specialised Reduction Instrumentation

Instrumentation for the Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System centres around the universal handle. Attachments can be used for different fracture reductions where relevant. These can either first be positioned independently on the bone or pre-assembled with the handle. These reduction clamps are designed for versatility and minimal invasiveness. Attachments include: 

  • Standard straight attachment 
  • Standard curved attachment 
  • Weber attachment 
  • Jungbluth attachment 
  • Angled attachment 
  • Pelvic linear hook attachment 
  • Posterior wall clamp  

Instrumentation also includes malleable and radiolucent retractors. While both of these are effective lighting options for surgical procedures, single use illumination options are available to be purchases separately. The set contains ball spikes and in situ benders to aid in the reduction of the fracture.

Interested in Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System?

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Interested in the Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System?

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    Based on the proven previous generations (PRS and PRS RX) along with the expert guidance from Peter Bates, M.D., Paul Culpan, M.D., Georg Thewanger, M.D., and Florian Baumann M.D., the new PRS Phoenix system includes updated plates, instruments and techniques.



    Large Fragment Plating Set 

    Designed for intraoperative flexibility, titanium grade 2 large fragment plates can be bent and contoured to fit patient anatomy. The set contains both curved and straight plates of various lengths. These can be combined using an extension system to meet the demands of complex fractures. 

    Small Fragment Plating Set 

    Now comes with three updated plate designs, all with pre-angled holes that allow screw from common anterior approaches. Plates are anatomically shaped, coming with a range of non-locking cortical and muiti-directional cancellous locking screws. 

    Implants for Trauma Surgery (ITS) is a company seeking to improve and optimise trauma surgery products and techniques through continuous research and development. Their primary focus is patient care. Alongside their commitment to innovation, ITS aims to build long lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and development partners. Established in 1997, ITS is a global business that operates with the values of quality, diversity and flexibility. Efficient production allows ITS to respond to individual customer needs and incorporate new technologies. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The materials used in the Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System have been chosen in part because they do not facilitate cold welding. As such, explantation is possible if it is desired by the patient. However, this should only be performed when bone healing has been verified using radiography. 

    Yes. The Phoenix Pelvic Reconstruction System features a closed SIJ plate and a 5-hole SIJ plate for this very purpose. SI joint fractures typically occur alongside hip fractures or injuries associated with sports or high impact falls. 

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