Orthopaedic Trauma Symposium 2024

6th February 2024
Royal Society of Medicine

We are thrilled to be attending the 2024 Orthopaedic Trauma Symposium, hosted the Royal Society of Medicine. This event provides updates on evidence-based management and operative techniques for use by practising orthopaedic trauma surgeons. There will be lectures, discussions, and demonstrative masterclasses taking place over the course of two days. According to RSM’s website, we shall:

  • Assess the efficacy of new treatment options through evidence-based data
  • Identify workable management solutions for DVT prophylaxis after orthopaedic trauma
  • Understand the latest principles in fracture healing and gain the latest knowledge of effective therapies for non-union
  • Appreciate concepts of stable soft tissue cover after open and high-energy closed injuries
  • Gain knowledge of exciting emerging techniques and evidence for infection prevention & treatment
  • Update on recent advances in intramedullary nailing of lower limb fractures
  • Latest news for the national hip fracture database
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the assessment & treatment of spinal trauma for the non-spinal surgeon


The event gives LEDA a chance to showcase the incredible suppliers we work with, as well as absorb knowledge from other leaders in the industry. Delivering quality patient care in orthopaedics requires that medical distributors are constantly honing our knowledge.