Maia CMCJ Cadaveric Hand Surgery Lab

18th March 2024
Nottingham City Hospital

LEDA Orthopaedics are proud to support educational events across the UK. This demonstration of the Maïa CMCJ arthroplasty has been organised and will be run by our friends at Neptune Medical Limited. The event serves as an opportunity for enthusiastic hand and wrist, and upper limb surgeons to hone their skills. It also serves as a way for attendees to get an insight into how the surgical procedure for market leading orthopaedic implants. Members of the faculty will be present to ensure that the knowledge shared can reach medical students.


The Maïa prosthesis from Groupe Lépine is designed for the treatment of basal thumb osteoarthritis. This is done through replacement of the Carpometacarpal joint in the hand.