Ortholove® HomeFoam

Designed by leading orthopaedic surgeons

The Ortholove® HomeFoam foam elevators are the perfect solution to reduce postoperative swelling while relieving pressure on the knees, hips and lower back. Reduced swelling leads to enhanced recovery and fewer complications following open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). While this needs leg elevation, post operational recovery for distal femur or tibial plateau fractures requires knee flexion and extension too. 

It’s recommended patients elevate for at least two weeks after foot or ankle surgery. However, using household items like pillows is not ideal. They’re unlikely to be able to raise the leg above the level of the heart or keep the limb stable. If a foot slips off a makeshift home elevator, it could result in refracture. Ortholove’s HomeFoam foam elevators offer a solution by bring secure and comfortable. 

Enhanced Home Recovery 

Recover from extremity surgery in the comfort of your own surroundings with the HomeFoam version of our Ortholove® Professional Series SRE (Swelling Reduction Elevator). 

Our ergonomically designed HomeFoam can provide support that’s specifically dedicated to a patient’s needs. It’s recommended by expert orthopaedic surgeons to keep your foot at the perfect height to relieve stresses on your knee, hip and lower back. These devices are therefore perfect for anyone recovering from foot, ankle surgery or lower limb surgery. Our elevator pillow is effective at reducing postoperative swelling whilst enhancing healing and recovery, for example.  

Over elevation can prevent blood flow from reaching inflamed tissue. Furthermore, the resulting loss of blood pressure it can worsen the following conditions: 

  • Dizziness 
  • Peripheral artery disease – narrowing of veins and arteries that carry blood to the legs 
  • Chronic low blood pressure 
  • Congestive heart failure – the heart has difficulty pumping blood around the body 

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    Features of HomeFoam elevators 

    Competitive Edge

    Cheap imitations of the original Ortholove® HomeFoam are often too low, too soft, or too firm. This means they lack the advantages and benefits detailed above. As such, people can tell the difference when it comes to comparing Otherlove and other lower limb elevators. The better the quality of foam elevator the shorter the recovery time. Not to mention the added comfort of being able to relax in your home.

    Antibacterial & Breathable Covers

    Every Ortholove® HomeFoam elevator comes with a removable, washable, breathable Air Layer® cover. These are made of durable, moisture-absorbing material designed to keep your leg cool, dry and comfortable as you recover. It will typically be a combination of Organic Cottom(80%) and (20%) Polyester. Extra covers can be purchased separate to any HomeFoam foam elevators.

    Ergonomic Design

    Ortholove® HomeFoam’s sturdy and ergonomic design offers the optimum position of the leg, foot, knee, and hip to ensure your comfort whilst relieving unwanted pressure on the calf. Reduced pressure on the calf may reduce the risk of blood clots and improve overall comfort. This is an important area for decreasing swelling and enhancing wound healing. This design also maximises comfort, meaning the individual can work from home without being distracted by irritation or pain due to adjusting movements.

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    Ortholove came into being in 2013 due to the efforts of Jon Bloy and David Plane, who were passionate about making a difference through quality products and customer service. The pair had each been involved in the sale of medical devices for years. Through conversations with a posture expert, the pair realised there was a problem with how people were being treated for muscoskeletal pains. Instead of twisting and turning exercises, Ortholove allows for simple patient rehabilitation.   

    Ortholove’s mission is to convert their expertise into tangible products that can benefit patients. 


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