Royal London Hospital Orthopaedic & Trauma Society Annual Meeting

14th June 2024
Barbican Conservatory, London UK.

The 15th annual scientific meeting for the Royal London Hospital Orthopaedics & Trauma Society(RLHOTS) sees many medical professionals gather to share their achievements and knowledge for the future of orthopaedic care. This wealth of expertise is available for both long standing clinicians and trainees. Although LEDA Orthopaedics have been at the forefront of supplying orthopaedic implants for more than 10 years, we constantly seek to improve our understanding of emerging technologies in the field. This is why we are partnered with innovative suppliers such as Skeletal Dynamics, Groupe Lépine, BRM Extremities,  Newclip, and others. This event will feature talks from Dr Yelena Bogdan, Prof. Reinhard Graf, Miss Chloe Scott, Mr Andy Williams, Mr Lee Van Rensburg, and Waad & Hamza Al-kateab.