LEDA Orthopaedics. Who are we?

Established in 2013 by David Plane and Jonathan Bloy, LEDA Orthopaedics are a UK medical device distributor, with a focus on innovative, niche trauma implants, hand surgery prostheses and unique, value-add solutions for orthopaedic procedures.  We have an office & warehouse in Cambridgeshire, with a 20-strong sales & marketing team across the country.  We strive to provide exceptional service to the NHS & independent sector, and have excellent relationships with clinicians in many orthopaedic specialties, across the country.

We are a family business with a culture of teamwork, dedication, passion and fun. We have a personality, and appreciate individual flare. We believe in creating the kind of environment where success is magnified through mutual endeavour, understanding what the customer wants, and being nimble enough to pounce on opportunities as they present themselves, or are sought out.

Meet our Team

Dawn Bloy

Operations Manager

Sian Jones

Logistics Manager

Jenny Smith

Medical Kit Assembler

Louis Napier-Macdonald

Warehouse Assistant

Emma Dabin

Business Administrator

LEDA’S UK Influence

In a busy marketplace of corporate companies and device distributors, LEDA Orthopaedics strives to stand apart from the crowd.  We are a family business, UK-based, who understand what our customers want from a medical device partner.  Our motto of “Speed Dial Service” means our surgeon customers have our number to hand when they need to perform a specialist operation. They contact their local rep, who organises the required kit with our warehouse team. We ship the kit immediately and the surgeon can rely on our clinical support team to be there to assist in any way.  We offer professional medical educational courses in the UK and overseas, allowing our surgeons to be fully trained in the products we provide.  We add value to their orthopaedic surgery practice.

If you would like to join our team, we recruit talent with years of experience in the industry, as well as running an apprenticeship scheme to give ambitious young people a chance to thrive in this exciting industry.  Contact us to learn more about the opportunities available.  If you are a manufacturer looking to partner with a company that can give your product range immediate, professional exposure, with established routes to market and a passion for education and development, drop us a line to arrange a meeting.

Finally, many people ask us: “How did you come up with the name LEDA?”  Lesa is Dave’s wife’s name.  Dawn is Jon’s wife.  We took LE and DA from their first names and LEDA was born.  We have never looked back!

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