We are delighted to announce that LEDA have partnered with The Standing CT Company as exclusive sales agents for the UK.

The Standing CT Company are the only providers of mobile weight-bearing CT scanning in the UK.  This innovative technology is both faster and safer for patients than standard CT scans and has the power to provide more detailed, three-dimensional and useful images for clinicians than traditional X-rays.

Conebeam CT scans use a much lower dose of radiation than a normal CT scan, and can take images of feet/ankles, knees and hips simultaneously while showing the impact of the patient bearing their own bodyweight. We also offer faster, safer three-dimensional imaging for upper limbs.

The philosophy of The Standing CT Company, coupled with the groundbreaking nature of this game-changing technology makes this partnership with LEDA even more exciting. Since we started our company in 2013, we have sought to provide the best products to our customers, and having focused on upper extremity, foot & ankle and lower limb reconstruction surgery over the last few years, this couldn’t be a better fit for us and the surgeons we are so lucky to work with.

We offer faster, safer, better weight-bearing scans, and the end result is better outcomes for patients.

We can’t wait to tell you more as we launch this partnership across the country