BSSH Broader Horizons Day

The BSSH broader horizons day will be taking place April 30th – May 1st

The broader horizons day is designed for surgeons of all levels. The programme includes surgeons who have participated in sport, art and the military to a high level; have set up and led their own business or have travelled extensively around their practice. The afternoon also includes a symposium of surgeons who have and are practising around the world, with the aim of encouraging discussion of how to make things work above and beyond the norm. Planned as an interactive day, there will also be the ever-popular BSSH quiz run again by Zaf Naqui and Wee Sim Khor, and finishing the day with drinks with BSSH council.


Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrews Place
NW1 4LE 


BSSH Full members / Consultant Associate Members £50
BSSH Associate / Affiliated / Senior / Honorary Members £50
Consultant Non-Members £50
Trainee Non-Members £50
Other Non-Members £50
Hand Therapist Non-Members £25
BSSH Companion Members £25
Medical Students £25

Online registration is available, click here to register